Dr. Felicia Weatherall Testimonials

Testimonials About Cypress Dentist, Dr. Felicia Weatherall

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Cypress, Texas. Read what our patients are saying about Cypress Mill Dental below.

As a child I did not go to the dental office, therefore I did not have the best smile in the world. I find myself hiding my mouth when I smile or just smile without showing my teeth. I started a career as an Insurance Agent. As you know I had to meet with a lot of people. I decided to do something about my teeth. I met with Dr. Weatherall at Cypress Mill Dental and she told me that she could make me smile again. I trusted her with my teeth thinking in my mind that there was no hope. Dr. Weatherall did just what she said she gave me back my smile. After she finnished I could not express feelings without joyful tears falling. Thank you Dr. Weatherall for showing love to me by restoring my teeth. Thank you for giving me back my smile and conifidence.

- Karen Granville